The Maggiore Construction Experience

Maggiore Construction orchestrates site work, carpentry, tradesmen, family schedules, and the demands of your daily life when we work on your house.  Flawless execution is essential here, because anything less will lead to disappointment or worse.  This is even more important if you plan to stay in your house during construction. It requires awareness, competence, and sensitive intelligence about everything that is happening in all of these dimensions – for your builder to make the decisions necessary to get you satisfaction and a successful job.

MCI expertly orchestrates your project in such a manner that you will be pleased by the quality of the work, rapid progress, and ease of major transitions through different stages of the work. We are the guardian and protector of your interests, for financial, safety, privacy, and comfort concerns, while we renovate or expand your house.

Everyone planning a building project wants the best job and the best experience for the lowest cost.  MCI has developed a job management system that presents and tracks ALL of the job costs so that you will always know where your money is going. Our proposal, contract, and job-progress documentation are detailed and transparent so that you can always see every dollar that has been spent or will be spent. You are in capable hands and maintain control of project finances.